The new UlangoTV 2.0 IPTV Explorer is available from the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store or as APK from our Download Area (UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.0 (

The Version 1.9.34 can be loaded from the Amazon Store. The new 2.0 will be available from there soon.

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    Samsung SmartTV
    Your Smart TV Can Do More!
    Experience the new user AppStore

    Thousands of apps from all over the world
    Just a few clicks away on your Smart TV
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    Global Iptv
    Ulango TV
    You are missing TV from your far away home?
    Get thousands of channels with a few clicks on your TV.

IP-TV-Streaming organized with the Channel Explorer of

We help you find thousends of free TV Channels with just a few clicks. With the app "UlangoTV" they can be viewed - either on any Android device or directly on any TV or using a Blue-Ray-Player - utilizing the SmartHub technology from Samsung!


Browse through our Channel Explorer, listing TV Channels from all over the world. → Channel Explorer


With a simple click add your favorite channels to your personal playlist. → Playlists


You may register up to three TV sets with your account. Using the StandardApp "UlangoTV" you may watch channels from your playlist on the TV!→ Info


Experts and developers may even add their own channel sources and add those to their personal playlists: → MyApps

Smart-TV-Apps and the new UserAppStore from

With just a few clicks you may select from thousands of international Apps und build a personal list of Apps to be synchronized with your Smart-TV - a TV or just a Blue-Ray-Player, supporting the SmartHub technology from Samsung!


Browse our UserAppStore, which hosts a variety of apps, a lot of them you will never find in the App-Stores of the big vendors. → UserAppStore


With a simple click select your favorite apps and build your personal SyncApps list. → SyncApps


Enter your device type number and we will filter inkompatible apps from your InsallApps list.
No go to yout TV device and synchronize with our apps server - Have Fun! → Info


Experienced users and developers are allowed to upload their own apps and synchronize them using the personalized SyncApps list on your TV: → MyApps

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