Terms & Conditions

§1 Service content and scope

The operator of ulango.tv site, the ulango.tv UserAppStore , the ulango.tv Channel Explorer, the app UlangoTV and therewith related services offered by privately held Ullrich-IT-Consulting in D-22869 Schenefeld, Sandstückenweg 15, Germany. Owner is Dr. Gernot Ullrich.

The ulango.tv UserAppStore and ulango.tv Channel Explorer are switching platforms for apps (widgets), or Streaming URLs (channels), which are freely accessible on the Internet, or have been entered by users of ulango.tv for free dissemination. The User AppStore facilitates users to select and sync the apps with their own TV sets, using the "Samsung SmartHub" mechanism.
The App UlangoTV allows the user to easily stream URLs that are freely available on the internet to their App.

Personal Opinions
On ulango.tv apps and streams are evaluated by the operator and by the users and in relation to the compatibility with equipment series. The operator of ulango.tv does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. They are the personal opinions of the authors and shall in particular not constitute advice.

Verantwortung für Funktionsfähigkeit der Apps und der Streams
Der Betreiber von ulango.tv übernimmt keinerlei Gewähr für die Installierbarkeit und die Funktionsfähigkeit der Apps und Stremas auf den Geräten der Benutzer. Es werden nur Apps und Streams gelistet, die für jeden frei im Internet zur Verfügung stehen. Insbesondere werden keine Anwendungen und Streams eingestellt, die nur mit spezieller Authentifizierung im Internet zur Verfügung stehen. Die Quellen der Apps und Streams werden gespeichert. Wenn die Apps und Streams an diesen Quellen für längere Zeit nicht mehr zur Verfügung stehen, werden entweder alternative Quellen gesucht, oder es werden die Apps, bzw. Streams aus dem ulango.tv Verzeichnis entfernt.

Responsibility for functionality of Apps and quality of streams
The operator of ulango.tv assumes no responsibility for the of installation and the functioning of the Apps and Stremas on users' devices. Only Apps and streams are listed, that are freely available on the Internet. The sources of Apps and Stream URLs are stored. If the Apps and Streams URLs are no longer valid, either alternative Sources are sought, or the apps, or streams are removed from the ulango.tv directory.

There is no liability for damages in connection with the use of UlangoTV app and the website ulango.tv

Paid services
The operator of ulango.tv offers fee-based services in the form of subscriptions. The services are offered in two different stages: basic package free of charge, premium package with costs. Moreover, there are free trial offers short-term and without automatic fee-based extension. Details are given in the respective offers in ulango.tv/shop Store.

Feature modifications
The operator of ulango.tv reserves the right to complete the offer to expand or otherwise to change.

§2 Payments / ue date, price, terms of payment

Subscription terms
The fee-based services from the UserAppStore and the Channel Explorer can only be purchases online.

The free basic package is acquired automatically with the registration at ulango.tv or via the app UlangoTV. Prices and terms are set out in the individual offers at ulango.tv/shop.

Payment methods
Payment is currently only possible by bank transfer and credit card Other payment methods may be additionally offered in the course of time. In no event data will be stored, which serve to authenticate user bank data.

§3 Price changes

Modification options Prices stay constant for the subscription periods. There is no right to get same prices for future subscriptions.

§4 Contract, withdrawal and cancellation

Running time
The contract period begins with the payment received. An existing subscription will not be automatically renewed.

The Termination requires writing to the following postal address of the operator: Dr. Gernot Ullrich, Sandstückenweg 15, 22869 Schenefeld, Germany. Terminations via fax to +49 (0) 40-84 87 43 or email to kuendigung@ulango.tv is also accepted. The right to extraordinary termination for good cause under the other contractual and legal Provisions remain unaffected. An important reason by Dr. Gernot Ullrich especially the shut down of the ulango.tv site as well as the violation of the below mentioned obligations under §5 .

4.3 Termination by the Operator The operator may terminate the contract up to two weeks before the end of the subscriptions with notice if he intends to put down the ulango.tv site.

4.4 Reimbursement
A proportional refund on an already paid substription will only be made if the operator did not obey to his liabilities as described in §6

§5 Various obligations on subscribers

Effectiveness of these Terms and Conditions
Once the user clicks the corresponding checkboxes in orders or registrations, he/she accepts these terms and conditions.

Information disclosure
The subscriber is not entitled, without the prior written consent of Dr. Gernot Ullrich, the information total or individual information thereof to any third party, to lease to use, in any other way distribute or publish. Furthermore, the customer is committed to use informations gathered from the UserAppStore and Channel Explorer only in their own purposes. The subscription and in particular the access authorization (Login name, password) to the UserAppStore and the UlangoTV App is not transferable and has to be protected against availability to third parties. All rights, particularly intellectual property and patent rights and rights of Trademarks and intellectual property to be proportionate to subscribers exclusively Ullrich-IT-Consulting or otherwise according to law claimants.

§6 Power outages / Liability / Warranty Terms

Service disruptions
When the ulango.tv site for reasons of force majeure or otherwise - neither own nor from subscribers - to circumstances beyond both parties or because of a technical malfunction cannot provide the service to the subscriber the following shall apply: If the interruption is resolved within 30 calendar, the interruption will have no effect. After that the operator has to add the missing perios to the end o the subscription period.

The liability of Ullrich-IT-Consulting with respect to all contractual obligations under this agreement is limited to grossly negligent and intentional behavior, as well as to the breach of contract by Ullrich-IT-Consulting or its agents. The operator of ulango.tv is not liable for accuracy or completeness of the provided / provided information, nor for any damages of subscribers, which arise from the fact that this relies on the accuracy of the information in the broadest sense.

Contractual warranty and compensation claims are limited to three years, provided no evidence of intent based.

No Content Checking
The operator of the UserAppStore and the Channel Explorer assumes no responsibility for content on websites or the contents of the Streams of other providers, as referenced in ulango.tv by link. This content is solely the responsibility the appropriate third-party.

Legal regulation
Liability for infringements are directed otherwise by other applicable contractual and legal provisions.

§7 Privacy

The operator of the UserAppStore and the ChannelExplorer is committed to the principle of user privacy protect. In this section we inform our users how we define, collect and use personal information. We make every effort to protect personal data against misuse in accordance with the here described guidelines and the legal regulations, in particular the data protection act.

With regard to data protection, the legal provisions, in particular the Data Protection Act, apply. The subscriber expressly agrees that the contract data provided by him as well as data on the type and frequency of use of the service by the UserAppStore for the purpose of execution of the contract stored and used.

User-related data is collected when the user completes a form on ulango.tv, an order or register or log in with a partner, or interacts in any other way with the ulango.tv website or the UlangoTV App.

In no case bank identification data are stored. Payment transactions are outside the UserAppStore settled directly between the financial institution and the user.

Cookies and protocol mechanisms are used to provide information about a current session and other settings save. This information can be used to track user behavior for improved communication with the user. Cookies can be deleted in the browser by the user. The Website is not fully usable with cookies turned off and the resulting restrictions do not constitute a breach of contract by the operator of ulango.tv.

Query and use of the IP address
The subscriber expressly agrees that when visiting the website the IP address, as well as the MAC address of the TV device electronically queried and stored. In particular, these are addresses for the Correlation of the user to his TV set necessary.

Transfer to third parties
No personal information is sold, traded or otherwise transferred to third parties. This does not apply to third parties who assist us in the operation of ulango.tv as long as they use the suffice to protect our or other rights or safety.

Visitor information that does not allow the user to be identified may be used by third parties for marketing, advertising and other purposes.

Websites linked to us via URLs may have different privacy policies. We are not responsible for the content and activities of these linked websites.

Information, correction, cancellation and blocking
You have the right to inform us at any time about the personal data stored about you and to request the correction of incorrect data, or to obtain it at any time. This happens over the "My Account" page of each user at https://ulango.tv/users/edit or via our contact form.

In particular, you can
  1. Delete your Account

    As long as no legally required retention requirements exist, you can complete your account and delete directly. In other cases, the account and its data are locked for external access.

  2. Newsletter Subscription

    We distinguish between NewsLetter and business emails. NewsLetter can be subscribed or unsubscribed via the account page.
    In contrast, e-mails that arise in the context of business processes, e.g. Status messages, reminders, confirmation etc. can not be canceled.

  3. Uploads

    Data uploaded by the user can be deleted from the corresponding administration pages.

§8 Other

If individual provisions of the subscription agreement or the terms of these provisions are invalid, the validity of the remaining terms remain unaffected. The parties instead agree to find a replacement scheme, which replaces the invalid parts in a legally permissible and economical feasable manner.

Written form
Changes and additions to the subscription have to be in written form to be legally valid. Changes of conditions require the confirmation of the subscribers. Should the subscriber not disagree within 4 Weeks, his consent shall be deemed granted.

Performance and jurisdiction for all obligations under this contract is Schenefeld if a dispute of Ullrich-IT-Consulting with a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public special assets is to be decided. This does not apply, unless required by law another jurisdiction is determined.

8.4.: English Translation These Terms and Conditions have been translated from German to English. If any of the wordings are incomplete or bad translation, the original German text that can be viewed at ulango.tv/html/agb?locale=de is valid.

§9 Address for receiving loads of the operator

Dr.Gernot Ullrich
Sandstückenweg 15
22869 Schenefeld