Premium Membership

Premium Membership

Subscriptions with Ulango TV and Accounting Informations


Currently there are three Ulango TV service levels:

  • Unregistered guest users
    • This level is used to invite new users and inform them about the different services offered by Ulango TV.
  • Ulango Basic - free registrations
    • This level is used to get familiar with the different functions of the system, especially the new ChannelStore.
      Available content is limited at the Basic level.
  • Ulango Premium - Users with a charged subscription
    • Premium users can use all functions with the complete available content.

Variants of Premium Subscription

Variants are

  • Premium Trial
    A free trial subscription, valid just one week and offering the complete functionality seen by regular Premium users.
    A Premium trial can only be ordered once in 2 months.
  • Premium 3 or 12 Months
    With a graded pricing users may book a fixed period of Premium usage. The subscription will not be extended automatically.

Extending Abos on Availability Problems of the System.

If we can not offer substantial premium features for an extended period, it is in our sole discretion, to extend the runtimes of subscriptions accordingly.


Since our service is a digital good, it is subject to the new VAT rules in the European Union which are valid since January 2015. We are therefore obliged to apply the VAT rates of their respective countries and to transfer the taxes withheld to their countries.

Therefore, we need you to provide your billing address in the country in which you would like to use the service. To prove the correctness we are forced to store the IP address of the purchaser. The country, which is derived from the IP address must be the same as the country of your billing address.

Exemption from VAT for business customers

If a user is registered for VAT in his country, we can omit the VAT. For this purpose, you must enter a tax payers ID which is compliant with the regulations of the country ID. The user is then required to pay the appropriate VAT itself in his country.

Payment methods

As a much preferred payment method we accept PayPal. Buyer must have a valid PayPal account or can set up this in the course of the checkout process.
Bank transfer is possible as well - ask for wire instructions at .