Troubleshooting and FAQ

UlangoTV on Android and Amazon Fire

Current version is 2.1.17

Current links can be found at the beginning of

Where can I find the latest version in development?

We follow the principle of development in small steps. The latest version is available at Important changes are usually posted to the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon Store within a week.

How do I get UlangoTV most easily on my SmartPhone or Tablet without the Google Play Store?

The following steps are necessary: ​​
  1. Allow loading of apps of unknown origin.
    To do this, go to the " Security " And set the " Unknown Source " switch to on
  2. Open a browser with Right on the first page, you'll find the link UlangoTV IPTV Explorer 2.1
    The browser asks if you have the file "latest.apk" Load
  3. After the file is loaded, you can open it directly (by clicking on the headline you can drag down the list of downloads)
    This will install UlangoTV and you can use it immediately.

There is no browser on my Android Box or Amazon Fire TV

We have a separate article on Amazon Blog article

UlangoTV on Samsung SmartHub - Series D-H (and Restrict J)

Samsung support was discontinued at the beginning of 2017.

Frequently asked questions about the IPTV with UlangoTV

Many streams stop, skip, or freeze

It is in the nature of our offer that we have no influence on the performance of the stream servers, which are addressed with our URLs. In the rarest cases, the connection from the TV to your provider is the problem. We measure the quality of the streams and try to get better graded streams forward. There is not always a good supply of good streams.

Some streams can not be started

Our streams offer is very dynamic. Typically, stream URLs will only be released for a short time, then disappear. It is a continuous coming and going. Our scouts are always trying to provide a sufficient range of streams.

What are the usability numbers in the UlangoTV app ?

These are measurements that we transmit to our server anonymously at the end of each TV session. Dei usability is the ratio from the time the stream works well to the total time in percent. Only for streams that have a Usability & gt; 80, you can go out of the hassle of a TV experience.

The UserAppStore lists apps from many nations with may languages. Among them are apps, that are not listed in the Samsung Appstore.  There are also apps that are not running in some countries or that are requiring a specific TV-Model - e.g. H Series.

Questions we hear very often...

What is my TV Modelseries?

Example: Model UE55F8090 belongs to the F-Series.
Following the size in inch, there is a single letter with the series name.

What do I have to configure on my TV?

We are providing a little video for each of the Samsung Series

J-Series (Tizen OS): You need the App as a ZIP File to be installed with an USB stick. You find the download link in the UserAppStore on the SyncApps Page below the logo of our UlangoTV app.

I can't login as "developer"!

Signing in as developer should always work. Some models, such as the C-Series (PW:0000) or the D-Series (PW:000000) require a trivial password. With newer models the password field must be left blank
Attention: Do no generate a new account “develop” - just sign in.

Which IP-Address do I have to enter on my SmartHub device?

The current IP-Address of our UserAppStore can be found under the Submenu Smart-TV-Apps -> SyncApps

I do not see any Apps in UserAppStore!

Most probably you have some filters active - clear them using the link at the top of the filters region

I selected some Apps - but only one App with a Samsung Logo gets installed.

This happens when the IP-Address we have stored, when you did the app selection on your PC does not match the IP-Address of your TV. Your current external IP-address (the address, that is saved to our database) is listed on your "My Account" page. This must match the IP-Address that is shown on the TV, when you are opening the App with the Samsung Logo.

I selected some Apps - but none or only some of them gets installed!

On the Page Smart-TV-Apps -> "SyncApps" there is a check box at the very bottom "Use the global SyncApps list available for everybody". The principal correct synchronization can be proved by syncing after this has been selected. A single App will be installed with a Samsung Logo.

The most probable reason for the freeze while syncing is an incompatibility of one of the selected apps with your TV Model. Find the problematic App by succesively cutting the List in two halves.

I see an error message "ERROR_DEVELOPMENT_002"!

This message is thrown when no connection to the given synchronization server can be established. Check your network. Reasons may be a wrong ip-address, a flawed WLAN connection or a firewall blocking in your router.

I get the message "Network or server interference occurred"

It's extremely unlikely that our server is the reason, because it's just the same server you just visited with your browser. Please doublecheck your ip-address entered in your SmartHub. ( as of Feb. 2015)

My TV shows the message „request“, but nothing else happens!

Your SmartHub has already established a connection to our server, but fails to finish the synchronization. Be patient - some Apps take a very long time to load. Annother reason may be an incompatibility of one of the selected apps with your TV Model. Find the problematic App by succesively cutting the List in two halves.

Can I synchronize from two different IP-Addresses?

No, when synchronizing from a new ip, all apps synchronized from annother ip will be removed.

I do not find a given App, but I have an own copy of the *.zip Datei!

You can add your own app under Smart-TV-Apps -> "MyApps" and may even share this app with other users. You have to be compliant with our AGBs though, which you accepted when you entered our website.