1 First Channel (al)

1 First Channel is a TV Channel from Albania in Europe.

Currently 4 working streams are known.


Category :

Website : unbekannt

Youtube Source Link : unbekannt

Region Pfad : Europe > Albania

Region Name : Albania

Sprache :

ChannelId : 747563

Best Streams : 8255107 Yellow button pp Glyphicons 87 display , 8255049 Yellow button pp Glyphicons 87 display , 12524742 Magenta button Glyphicons 87 display , 12532573 Magenta button Glyphicons 87 display


Please note!!! Streams with a cross in the color button (Premium Plus Streams) and Magenta streams cannot be displayed in the free version of UlangoTV. You need a Premium Plus subscription or a 24-hour test to see them.

If you have a Premium Plus subscription, you can click on the monitor icon of a stream to view it with your "Universal URL".

Ulangotv plus

Our Services...

UlangoTV at it's best is not free. Try and choose whatever fits your needs best.

Basic Free

Just Free Channels

  • Android >= 4.2 or Amazon Fire
  • UlangoTV-free

    Registration necessary
  • Only "yellow or blue" streams that have been publicly known for more than 6 weeks or that have been licensed to us.
  • EPG when available through Open Source
  • ---
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  • FREE

Premium Plus

Watch Everything - Best IPTV Quality

  • Android >= 4.2 or Amazon Fire
  • UlangoTV+ only

    Subscription necessary
  • Everything our search engine finds and reliable streams from different IPTV sources 1
  • EPG when available through Open Source
  • Any number of Favorite Lists sortable on the website ulango.tv
  • VOD and adult channels 2
  • 3 month 27.60 € 3

1 The User may restrict himself using Search Orders

2 FSK18 content has to be enabled by Search Orders

3 There is an additional 10€ one-time-only Handling Charge for the very first order of a Premium Plus subscription of any length.
Customers with at least 180 days of Premium Plus get a 3€ continuation fidelity discount, when their subscription had not been interrupted for more than 14 days.

4 The 24h test is free and has no limits in functionality, Please install UlangoTV+ (not UlangoTV)


UlangoTV is Android or Amazon Fire TV Only

On Android TV, Set Top Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones

On Android TV, Set Top Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones

Android is the de-facto Standard for IPTV Viewing

There is only one version covering a wide range of devices. This version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or directly as an APK from our Website.

Installation Details Testing UlangoTV

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the red feedback button on the left for questions not being answered here.

Why do I need a registration (sign up)?

UlangoTV makes heavy use of a central database, where all user related informations are stored such as - favorite lists - personal preferences - profile picture - subscription management - personal m3u lists. Up to 5 devices can work on the same account. Without personalization and an account with a permanent email address this would not be possible. All these data are very well protected and are only used for improving user experience.

How do I register?

Sign Up is possible both from the UlangoTV or UlangoTV+ app or on this website.

Registration is most easily done with a single click on a social login button with your existing Google or Facebook account. You may also sign up with an arbitrary email and associate a social login later for easy authentication.

Alternative is sign up with email and password. You will have to verify your email

Can I change my email?

Yes - in your account page, which you can access from the top of every ulango.tv page. You can enter a new email. You will get an email for verification of the email change.

I registered but I did not get a confirmation email?

Chances are that you mistyped your email address on registration. Sometimes email is filtered to a spam folder. Please click that link in the registration form to resend the confirmation mail. If nothing happens, please email support@ulango.tv

How do I cancel my account?

As long as there is no active order or subscription, the account can be completely deleted from the account page!

Otherwise you can request account cancellation. The account will be deactivated saving order history for our reference.

Why should I use Premium Plus instead of Premium?

Premium streams are the result of searching the net for published m3u lists in many sources. Over 9 million streams have been analysed this way over the last two years. Some streams are workong just a few hours. But overall there is a very good coverage of over 6000 TV channels with on average 15.000 streams from all over the world. When quality is not your main objective - this may be your cheapest IPTV solution.

With Premium Plus we are adding streams from quality IPTV sources, where users get their own lines and do not have to compete with other ussers from the net. The difference is huge and you definitely should try this variant as well, before makeing a subscription.

Why are there different apps for Premium and Premium Plus?

To be honest - the huge quality difference of Premium and Premium Plus should be reflected in Users valuations. Therefore we decided to maintain two versions which can coexist on the user's device. Use UlangoTV for Premium and UlangoTV+ for Premium Plus.

I have a Premium Plus, but still get a "Premium_Plus_only" message on some streams

These messages come whenever you go to another network, i. E. if your external IP address changes. As you know, Premium Plus can only be used within a single network. You can find the corresponding external IP address, for example by going to the website http://myipaddress.com. If you go to another network, but there were accesses from another network within the last 30 minutes, then the Premium Plus requests are rejected and you receive these messages. Just wait 30 minutes and restart your device - to be sure, the App has been terminated completely is to kill the app from the app settings. Thereafter, the accesses from the new IP address should be allowed.

Special Support for Premium Plus customers New Feature

For our most faithful customers we have a closed Facebook group. If you want all informations early and in detail, please ask us to join the group in a short email to support@ulango.tv with your FB account email.

What are the most current versions of UlangoTV? New Feature

Please note: there are distinct versions for UlangoTP+ PremiumPlus and for UlangoTV Free. Please see our new Downloads page http://ulango.tv/downloads

How do I get UlangoTV for my Amazon Fire TV Stick or Box or on an Android TV?

Unfortunately, the app is not available in all App Stores. So users have to install the app with one of several "side-load" methods. Details can be found in the UlangoTV User Guide - Installation.

How can I use UlangoTV on my SmartTV?

The UlangoTV app does not run directly on so called Smart TVs. Exceptions are TVs that run the Android TV operating system like some Sony or Philips TVs. Other TVs need an Android or Amazon Fire TV Box that is connected to an HDMI input of your TV and which are directly connected to the network - preferrable via a LAN (Ethernet Cable or Powernet) connection

UlangoTV on other players? New Feature

UlangoTV itself only runs on Android Devices. Of course the streams run everywhere. The so-called Universal URL, which you can find on your account page, plays the last stream that was started via UlangoTV. So you can, for example, on the Android SmartPhone start a stream and then watch on IOS, Apple TV or on your PC with the player VLC: simply enter the Universal URL as the network address! This feature is only available to Premium Plus customers.

How many devices can be connected to a single account?

We have a limit of 5 devices per account. But there are technical reasons against running 5 devices simultaneously. Beside the fact that devices have to share network resources, and will therefore suffer bandwidth limitations, there is also a restriction, that a Premium Plus subscription can only run within a single stable external IP address (behind a common router). There will be a 30 minute transition time after a change of IP address.

UlangoTV does not open or crashes immediately.

You either are not connected to the internet or you installed a no longer supported version of UlangoTV. You should follow our facebook account https://www.facebook.com/ulango.tv/ or our newsletters for major announcements.

How to export stream lists as m3u from the current database?

This is not possible by intention.

  • At first we do not want our URLs to be used to copy possibly protected content.
  • The big advantage of our database is actuality. It changes every 10 minutes when new streams arrive or expire. So a m3u export would be out of date very quickly.
  • Sometimes we even modify URLs to keep track of server changes and balance load.

Can you give me an idea how big this thing is?

The database currently occupies more than 50GB. About 10 million stream URLs have been analysed. Most of them are dead on arrival reflecting quality of m3u lists found on the net. Many URLs especially those pointing to pay tv channels only live a very short time, sometimes only a few hours. But because there are so many, coverage is better as one might think. Pav TV owners should be glad that we provide a showcase for them ;-)

More Details on EPG Integration?

Other than may other IPTV apps, we are integrating EPG data and movie rezensions in the background within our database. We take the information from several sources - all from the free internet. Whenever such meta data exist on a channel, the user sees this information automatically on each stream supporting this channel or movie. The informations are updated twice a week.

Why are so many streams failing - especially with the simpler Premium

Quality of a stream is a very complex problem. Reasons for inaccessability, buffering, missing audio or video, mangled pictures, audio distortion and wrong channel assignments can have it's origin on many places of the long chain from the original streamer to the UlangoTV app. Many of these problems have be solved by our service with manual interaction like associating the right player, finding better replacement streams and by rematching to the correct channels. Many problems can not be recognized by algorithms. They have to be detected by visual and audio inspection on several devices. We have some scouts in various parts of the world that help us to clean up regional deficiencies. This is sometimes a very frustrating task, because availability of good streams is sometimes only for a few hours. So you fixed a stream and a few hours later it's gone.

I have a good internet connection, but streams are still buffering, why?

Network may be a reason for buffering - especially with Full HD streams, which need a lot of bandwidth. You may also kill your good bandwith internet connection by using a distortet WLAN behind your router. A common reason my also be lack of memory in your device because streaming needs a lot of cache memory. So please remove applications that you do not need anymore and kill background processes by unplugging your device from time to time. This is especially true for low cost Android or Fire TV sticks.
But in most cases the reason for buffering is the stream itself, which probably is a single user stream and is disconnected by the streamimg server after the first block. On every reconnection which takes time - the user has the feeling the stream is buffering.
Some streams need a huge time delay to be able to access new blocks with a better probability. The new blocks are just not available in time when the delay is to short. Our internal Player tries to adjust delays dynamically. This takes time - sometimes several minutes. So a little patience sometimes helps a lot ;-)

Are your streams adapting to available bandwidth?

This depends on the stream itself - our player supports this in principle. Some HLS streams have this build-in capapility. Streaming starts with low resolution and after a while (10-20sec) the stream switches to a higher bandwith version.
In some cases we also have bandwidth alternatives that have to be selected by the user, using the arror buttons or by swiping left on touch devices.


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